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"This establishment is a great place for children . The children love it and learn discipline as well as Tempo Karate. The owners are wonderful people and are so good to the children . I truly recommend it to anyone who wants somewhere to take their children."

                                                                  Cathy G.

"Our kids have been attending this school for a couple of weeks and they absolutely love it! The instructors and staff are all extremely patient with my kiddos and always helpful and kind. Definitely a great choice on my husband and my part choosing Texas Storm Kenpo."

                                                                                 Jen S.

"The people and owners who work there are so sweet and wonderful. They are patient and kind and their way of teaching speaks of itself! I highly recommend this studio to everyone who is interested!" ​

                                                                   Beverly M.

"This school has been a huge asset to my daughter's development. The entire staff takes care of us like family and we are truly blessed to have all of them as a part of our lives. Even my son who is a baby and too young to attend gets attention and love from everyone there. If you're wanting your child to not just learn karate but life lessons and skills to make them a better person. This is the place."

                                                                                       Amanda G.

"Best martial arts school around if you are looking for quality over belt color"

                                                                                                                                                 Jim K.