Summertime Safety

Warm weather brings us outside and for most of us, it brings us poolside with our families and pets. Along with splashes and smiles comes a very real risk of potential danger. As adults and parents, we must maintain vigilance around water.

Here is a partial list of water safety measures to instill when we are outside at our backyard pool, community water park, lake event, or lazy river.

  1. Maintain ACTIVE adult supervision

  2. Have an alarmed pet door

  3. Install a self-closing and locking pool gate

  4. Alarms on doors and windows leading to the pool area

  5. Safety drain cover for spa

  6. CPR and 911 instructions posted

  7. Keep phone within reach

  8. Life jackets save lives

  9. Have ring buoy and noodles

  10. Water safety classes for the whole family

Drowning is a quick and silent killer!

I hope you keep safe and cool during the summer swim season.

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