Life Skills Training Builds Character

Here at Texas Storm Kenpo, we use martial arts training as a platform to teach and enhance important life skills. We focus on 18 different life skills that every young person needs to learn in order to acquire the best chance at a successful start in life.

"Our mission is to help our students realize their true potential, on and off the mats."

Every student starts with a lesson in responsibility by teaching them to "own and take care" of their karate uniform.

We work on confidence by slowly increasing their responsibility and teaching them that their "little victories" build into the completion of bigger established goals.

As a student's belt color changes you can witness the transformation of a shy, withdrawn child grow into a confident, outgoing individual who is unafraid of new challenges. Our students actually learn to enjoy being challenged physically and mentally.

Leading the class during warmups improve a child's public speaking skills and our leadership training moves a child away from being a follower and teaches them to think for themselves and lead others.

If you are interested in learning more about how our life skills program creates better grades in school, bully-proofs our kids, and helps kids become stronger inside and out, reach out to me at

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