Child Development in Ages 4 to 6

This is the first post in a five-part series on the development of young children's minds and bodies. Our program addresses the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social milestones that a child goes through.

Using a nationally recognized program, we use martial arts as a platform to teach and enhance age-appropriate life skills. Let's examine the expectations of children in this age group and what goals our program helps young students achieve at this stage of their development.

During this short series, you will realize the benefits that Texas Storm Kenpo Karate offers to kids ages 4 to 6. I also intend to explain that our program (taught by skilled black belt instructors) does so much more than teach students to kick and punch.

Your child will grow in physical abilities such as coordination, agility, and balance. He or she will experience improved behavior, increased social skills, and problem-solving abilities.

This unique program also uses 18 different "Life Skills" such as respect, trustworthiness, compassion, along with many others.

We would like to offer you our 6-week trial program at a special price of just $69. Click the link below to take advantage of our No Risk ONLINE SPECIAL OFFER and we will include a FREE uniform.

Part two will be posted soon.

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