Be a Child's Accountability Partner

Hello everyone. I hope that you are having a great day.

Let’s go ahead and get started. This is Bill with Texas Storm Kenpo and my subject today is, “Being an Accountability Partner for your Child.”

By definition, an accountability partner is someone who is responsible for holding the other person to their commitments.

As parents, a huge part of our responsibility towards our kids is to teach them to set goals and be responsible. Part of being responsible is taking care of the things you have been given to take care of, including the commitments that they make.

As parents, we are the major role models in our kids' lives. They learn by our own examples. Being true to our own commitments, teach our children how important it is to set goals, and keep our word.

Here are seven points that you can use to be a great accountability partner for your child.

Be Involved

Be informed

Give your time

Ask Questions

Teach Time Management

Guide Rather Than Gripe

Reward achievement

If you would like my short pdf on “Being an Accountability for your Child”, just post your email in the comments below and I will get this out to you. If you find any value in this post please share it.

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