We are PROUD to introduce our Dedicated Staff

Bill Piper instructor photo

Mr.William Piper is the owner and senior instructor at Texas Storm Kenpo Karate. Mr. Piper is a military veteran and had a decade in law enforcement including a year working in the private security sector. He has been teaching and training personal safety skills for over 35 years and is dedicated to the success of every member of our studio.

Favorite Kenpo Quote: "The man who knows how will always be a student, but the man who knows why will always be the instructor."

Ed Parker

Miss Heather Piper is the owner and head instructor here at Texas Storm Kenpo Karate. She is the primary instructor of all of our kids programs including each age group but also our NRH AfterSchool Success program. She also helps with the training of the other instructors as well as adults. 

Miss Heather has over twenty five years of training and teaching experience in American Kenpo.

Favorite Kenpo Quote: "Knowledge does not grow like a tree where you dig a hole, plant your feet, cover them with dirt, and pour water on them daily. Knowledge grows with time, work, and dedicated effort. It cannot come by any other means."

Ed Parker

Heather Piper instructor photo
Tipton Kindel instructor photo
Rhonda Piper owner photo
Mark Potter instructor photo

Mrs. Rhonda Piper is the owner and office manager here at Texas Storm Kenpo Karate. Her duties include marketing, managing most of the social media for the studio, and parent relations. If you have a question about upcoming events, tuition, or purchases, she is the person to talk to.

Mr. Mark Potter is a veteran and has several decades of martial arts training. He's dedicated to sharing his knowledge to help make each student as successful as possible.


Favorite Kenpo Quote: "The true Martial Artist is not the one who fears change, but the one who causes it to happen."

Ed Parker

Mr. Tipton Kindel is a highly motivated individual who is always seeking to improve his knowledge. He is extremely dependable and willing to help anyone. He adds a level of humor to our staff that is unmatched. He is dedicated and a capable instructor.

Favorite Kenpo quote: “The intelligent man is one who has successfully fulfilled many accomplishments, and is yet willing to learn more.”