How long does an Attacker need to get what he wants?

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Read what some have said about our two-hour hands-on self-defense program designed to provide solutions to dangerous situations faced by women.

"The seminar was really empowering and easy to follow through at the same time. Especially as a small young woman, I feel more confident and informed." Melissa H.

"From this class, I learned about how to use my body and my mind to protect myself. I learned about tools I didn't even know that I had and how to use them effectively." Susan K.

"I felt very empowered at the end of this class. I feel like I have more knowledge about self-awareness going off to college." Arianna T.

I know it can be scary but YOU must take responsibility for your own SAFETY! I'm sure you want to be safe from harm. Maybe you just don't know where to go to get the skills you need.

Look no further. I can help.

If you live in North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, Watauga, Keller, Hurst, Bedford, or Euless areas, just fill out the "Hook Me Up" form on this page and I will keep you informed of our affordable seminars.

Just read what some other women wrote about our STAND UP TO VIOLENCE seminars.

"This has been a game-changer for me. I believe this is huge for any woman!" Tiffany Y.

"Really fun experience. I would do it again." Erika M.

Do you know a woman who works in the bad part of town or maybe a domestic abuse survivor who needs to feel empowered?


How about a young female getting ready to go off to college who could use some simple, yet effective self-defense moves that work?

Our team of instructors has been helping women learn to defend themselves for eight years now and we can help you or a loved one too.


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