Want to Increase your Kenpo Understanding?

If you are a student of American Kenpo, you need the book titled, “GRAFTING: Bridges Within American Kenpo”. This material goes deep to improve not only your understanding of the concepts, principles, and theories of American Kenpo, but also how these work together to improve your ability to apply them to “grafting”.

Elevate Your Kenpo to a NEW Level.

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Here is what a few people have said about the book…

“As for Mr. Piper’s book, however, I have found it to be a great tool and I am not even finished reading it. I feel this book is a first of its kind as you don’t really find books like this one in the Kenpo community. By that I mean books that assist both the student and the instructor in creative ways of understanding our system in a different realm.”

Michael Miller, CKF

“I just wanted to say congratulations on a thoroughly outstanding, well thought out and objective presentation of a very interesting subject. I’m looking forward to sitting down quietly over the Christmas break and getting my head into the very extensive topics you’ve covered.”

Tony Perez
National Director of Coaching
Kenpo Karate Australasia and Kenpo 4 Kids

“I appreciate when somebody shares his passion like you did. I understand how much work you have to put into new ideas to make them "come to life" I am sure that a lot Kenpoists will benefit from your Book and I am sure your DVDs will help as well.”

Frank Soto
The Kinetic Dragon
Co-founder of The Kinetica Solution


This 160-page coil bound manual is as much a book every student of Kenpo should read but it also acts as a training manual in how to apply my discovery of the “GRAFTING MATRIX”. The grafting matrix breaks down the ways to apply grafting to your study of American Kenpo in a logical manner.

Along with the book, “GRAFTING: Bridges Within American Kenpo”, I have also produced a 40-page workbook designed to become a “living document”. With this workbook you will be able to add new techniques to each of the spreadsheets and as you learn more material you will expand your knowledge of how you can “bridge” or crossover from one technique to another in ways you would not think of otherwise.

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I know that some of us are more visually oriented than others, so I put together a DVD to demonstrated some of the major concepts explained in the book and created examples of how the “bridges” within the GRAFTING MATRIX work.

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Purchase of the physical material is only available in the United States. Outside the U.S can purchase digital copies of the material by contacting me at tskenpo@gmail.com

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Would you like to increase your knowledge of GRAFTING within American Kenpo?